Are DP charges charged irrespective of the quantity?

Here, it is mentioned that Zerodha DP charges do not depend on the quantity.

Also why is there so much variation in the DP charges charged by different brokers?

Yes, it doesn’t depend on quantity, as the same process and effort is involved if quantity is either 1 or 1 lakh.

One may charge little less DP charges but the same can be recovered via brokerage charges or transaction charges. Can check our charges here.

@Diya_Shah : yes DP charges differ from dp to dp and for market trade and off market trade. Normally all dp have fixed charges irrespective of quantity for Market Trade if instructions executed through POA based accounts of broker or through Speed e or Easi but is in percentage of value if DIS is issued.
For off Market Trade it is in percentage of value subject to a fix minimum charge.
Zerodha dp charges appear to be on lower side at 13.50 per instruction plus tax. i have my demat with a cooperative bank and i give delivery instructions through Speed e where the charges are 15 plus tax.

Since Zerodha do not charge brokerage on delivery based transactions , how will they (zerodha ) treat clients who do only delivery based trade ,rarely do intra day and DO NOT OPEN ANY F&O ACCOUNT . ? how will they earn from such clients ?