Are Mutual Fund Managers acting responsibly with our money?

  • YES
  • NO

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These reports makes me wonder, if they are actually taking our money and distributing it to thier friends and acquaintance with no specific risk assesment mechanism in place. Do you think so?

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MF exposure to Essel group.

You need to understand that no one is sincere to you. All these people have mutual interests with us, that’s why they sound so sweet to us. You need to be careful when trusting your money to someone. I hope that you will make decisions that will have bright results in the future.

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Its a huge cartel to cheat investors…the so called fund managers, wealth managers, RMs, advisors, our regulatories, NSE etc are all in business to just make money for themselves. Even the NAVs declared by AMCs are manipulated…i heard from an inside source. Investors are mature in the west where they invest primarily in index funds/ETFs & don’t solely rely on fund managers. In India this fraud cartel is only pushinh the flawed SIP everywhere & investors don’t even realize that they are not getting good returns…