Are retailers changing their approach towards markets?

Saw these two charts from Goldman Sachs which talk about what retailers n the US markets are upto in the current market scenario and how they bought and sold shares in the last couple of years…


Source : Mike Zaccardi’s tweet

As we can see in the above charts, retailers have been more or less smart enough to mimic the performance of the indices even though markets have been extremely turbulent to say the least.

What about India retail investors and traders? Do you think we are moving in the right direction when it comes to Indian retail participants becoming better in markets? What are the shortcomings and areas which needs to be addressed to improve the performance of retail investors here?

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hum abi ande mai hai unke comparison mai,
baki to bas growth hi growth hai, germany, japan ko hi dekh lo at 2-3% GDP growth rate while India boasts at 8.7% (2021), market bhi badegi

It’d be better if we take their data as pinch of salt,
you don’t know what’s cooking or conditions implied