Are the statements made in the budget just a proposal?

Wanted some clarity on the statements such as introduction of LTCG etc in the budget.

These are just proposals right? They still have to be passed into a law by the parliament right?

Question 1 - So there is a chance that they might not be passed or amended before being passed into a law?

Question 2 - If passed. will it come into effect from Financial Year 2018-19 or current Financial Year?

There can be discussion in the parliament and can be amendment before it goes to president for his approval. Once approved it become law

Highly unlikely that the Union Budget bill is not passed by the Lok Sabha.
In India’s democratic history(except for 1997- Devegowda Govt.) all Budget Bills have been successfully passed.
Given the majority NDA holds currently in Lok Sabha, unlikely that it doesn’t pass.

LTCG is a thing, live with it

They r not “just proposals”.

They are “Achhe din” proposals for millions of “mitrons”

Now if you want to know what is definition of mitrons
Refer here :point_down: