Are there any traders using mac mini for trading?

Any specific advantage mac has over windows for trading?

Nope no specific advantage.

Yes, Macs are more reliable in general. Also, Macs don’t slow down and the RAM management is pretty good! So, yes, If you are high frequency trader, you can rely on a Mac as it won’t hang or run into issues during trading.

No issues on windows and Linux for me - reliability/performance. I am sure mac is fine, but hard to see it as an advantage.
On a normal desktop, upgrading components like cpu/motherboard etc is not very difficult. I am guessing that it wont be easy on mac and at the very least you probably will have some price gouging. I just don’t see any point of dealing with walled garden of Apple, I could be mistaken as i have no direct experience.

yeah we need to hear from people who are using mac for trading

most desktop terminals dont run on mac i believe

and to run python scripts - windows is as good as mac because it hardly takes RAM or CPU

my windows pc crashes all the time & slows down occasionally which quite irritating.

Yes, i am using mac mini, performance is good but recently having issues with screen flickering and lines appearing on the screen when connect to LG ultrawide monitor. Its very irritating, i thought its monitor issue but isn’t so, other than that its a fast and smooth machine. Issue started to creep just after warranty lapse also recently apple is not living upto its quality standards so be careful before investing on apple in India after paying such high tax.

fair enough!
you are using safari or chrome to trade?

or are there any compatible trading terminals??

Kite doesn’t work well with Safari so i use chrome for kite but chrome records ur data. i currently don’t use terminals other than kite, just have many browser windows opened. that works well when screen doesn’t flicker.

I use macOS and the answer to this question is NO.

if you using macOS , you can use the desktop version of trading view. The free version comes with few ads. But its not annoying in anyway.