Are we looking at the competition to Google?

I’m talking about the AI tool launched by Sam Altman and his team:


There is lot of buzz on twitter about how this tool is helping people in various things ranging from coding mainly to other generic responses which we would generally Google.

So far, from most of the tweets, it feels like this tool definitely has some value especially doing the job of junior level analysts and coders and may soon improve to emerge as a competition to Google.

Surely, it is too soon to know the real impact tools like this are going to make - but, yeah this is interesting stuff indeed.

Here’s a thread by Prashant Mullick on how he used ChatGPT for market related functions

What are your Initial thoughts on this ?


bro what do you do whole day…job? collect fundamental information & post here?

don’t take this in negative sense, as I want to understand why are you spending so much time on information gathering, do you really not think this time could be well spent somewhere else?

as there are countless fundamentalists sitting on twitter or any other media platform…having penny in pockets

all the important rules of investing can be summarized in a page.


Valid question Gaurav.

I have learnt a thing or two about trading and investing in many early days from trading communities and I love to be a part of it contributing my own bit and learning from guys like @nithin , @Bhuvan other members like @Jason_Castelino , @jashjacob and many of them

And no - it doesn’t take too much time in sharing market or fundamental updates.

I have a different opinion on this. Rules might be same but market keeps on evolving and if even a single person is benefited by any of the updates - I’d say my 30 mins are well spent :slight_smile:


I must admit, I look forward to reading your posts.


Useless and unhelpful post. And considering this is how you have begun your journey on this forum (your first post), I wonder if you are going to be any sort of contributing member. Hope to be proven wrong.

@VijayNair The feeling is mutual :pray:

everyone cannot keep tab on different media platforms in this age of “infodemic”. my daily “go-to-place” for learning about new things and updates is tradingqna and moneycontrol. good work @prakashsingh bhai. Keep on doing good work. I love your posts. :+1: :+1:

Can’t agree more on this. I have honestly learnt a lot in this forum. It’s been almost 2 years since I joined this forum and I visit almost everyday. We get to know how others think. Other psychology. We may not follow the same but we at least get to know what we shouldn’t be doing. It’s like learning from others mistakes.
Not that I became profitable after I joined this forum but my risk level has come down considerably after knowing how things can go against you. Some questions directed at me in my profession which I myself wasn’t sure, I have researched and answered to the best of my ability. Now just because I am doing this, it doesn’t mean I am free all the time. In addition to trading I have 2 other revenue generating things that I do. Yet, I give my opinion here. Some agree and most don’t.
I may not reply to all of @Prakashsingh posts. But they keep me updated on what’s happening. I’m sure many more over here who may not look active, actually read the content here.

So in short. Yes. It does help. @GauravRao24

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so all this good work you are doing is for benefit of others…maybe you’re more human than a human after all

chill…getting hurt by a question isn’t a trait to be found in traders

if zerodha members post something valuable here…it’s for the goodwill of the firm/or you could argue for indirect benefits

but I’ve to admit Prakash is the only person unassociated with zerodha who created so many dedicated posts…hats off

Not hurt. I was being objective.

Yes. He is good. There are a few others too.

AFAIK, Google is a mega company, it has many verticals, search engine is the biggest revenue generator (I think).

So unless the revenue of Googles is impacted, I don’t think a new tool can become a competition in financial sense. Generally speaking, ChatGPT may very well attract a lot of techies, and can grow.

Also, google is a verb, not just a company. It has been years since the existence of replacing the word searching with googling :grin:

Nice thread on chatGPT

Here’s an excerpt:

ChatGPT has now gone viral and reached 1 million users in just 5 days. For context, here’s how long it took other products to reach 1 million users:

Netflix - 41 months
Twitter - 24 months
Facebook - 10 months
Instagram - 2.5 months

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