Are you on board with the Tata and Adani group's enthusiasm?

What do you think of these groups’ PE?

Tata Group has good PE but Adani group companies are extemely overpriced as of now.

Not sure on Adani. But TATA’s overall is fairly priced and something to be relied and base my decisions on.

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Both these companies have been doing quite well in the stock market. A great opportunity for bears as I can see!

They seem to be working great at the moment but we can never be sure about the market. I am staying away from these stocks at the moment. I will wait for some time before I risk my money with them.

Usually you should be buying and investing in stocks which are expected to do better. Stocks which have run up can also fall down, but of course I can be wrong as well. Right now, I am not actively looking for new stocks to invest.

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I trust Tata quite a lot. Adani stocks have been doing great recently but they rose to the top quite in a while that makes me doubt its long stay.

Both Tata and Adani stocks are decent stocks. But I think Tata consultancy service is a good stock for long term investment as it is a blue chip stock and has great stability.