Arvind share de-merger


HOW many Arvind you held because to get 15 shares of Arvind fashion you must hold minimum 75 shares so you will get cash credit for Anup engineering fractional share.


I had 75 shares of ARVIND


So you will get cash credit of 0.77 fractional share of Anup engineering in next 30-45 days as and when these fractions are transferred to a trust which will club them and sell at nse/ will get detailed information about date of sale ,broker and price.


I had 500 shares of around before demerger but till date I didn’t received any shares of around fashion or anup engineering in my yes bank demat acct. Did anyone received it till date.


if your purchase is of ON OR BEFORE 27 November 2018 , you MUST have got 50 Arvind fashion ( listed from 08 march ) and 18 Anup engineering (listed from 1 march ) .Regulator will not give listing approval unless the application by company is accompanied by written confirmation from nsdl-cdsl( of having credited the shares to all demat )plus bulk mail postal receipt in case of physical shares.
you will also get cash credit of 0.51% fractional Anup engineering in next 30-40 days .


De mergers happen to be very tricky business combinations. It is not always good for stockholders as market can negatively price such action from a company. Eventually, now you will be owner of stocks of two companies, look for market sentiment on them


We did not received any amount towards encashment of anup engineering stock.
We are not able to see fraction of share anywhere.
Anyone have idea , how many more days they will take to credit amount ?


@Aagam_Shah: it take about 45-60 days from listing of the entity to get cash credit of fractional shares.after listing of shares a trust is appointed and all such fractions are transferred to it . the trust will club them and sell at bse/nse through a broker . amount received from broker will be distributed accordingly.