As a scalper how you excute the order?

Buy qty - 1000, CMP - 100.25, I want to buy share at 100.25 and sell the same at 100.75 than ;

  1. how you put your order(both side) ?

  2. IOC with limit or IOC with market - both are one and the same ? In given case i put my order as IOC with limit 100.25 or IOC with Market which is also 100.25 so it make any difference ?

  3. what if at the time of sell you put your order with QTY 1000(Assume you buy 1000 QTY) at price of 100.75 but you are able to sell only 800 QTY with IOC.

  1. I have 2 screens open, one screen I buy and other immediately I place sell order as soon as first gets bought.

  2. Limit and market are different. Limit assures you the price, market doesn’t.

  3. Then I pray to God and hope that other 200 also gets executed.

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Trader please help ?!