Ashiwini Gujral's day trading call on ICICI on 9-apr-18

On 9-apr-18, there were many bad news about ICICI - Chanda Kochar etc. and I was expecting ICICI will open gap down and will remain low and close lowest. But, It recovered and closed positively.

Ashwini Gujral (AG) gave a long call saying the short covering will make it close higher (stop loss 274 and target 282). Even there were more bad news during the market hours when the stock started falling again, AG held on to his call and the call played out exactly to his script.

Now, I am wondering:

  1. Did the market obeyed his call on ICICI or he used suitable charts to exactly predict this?
  2. What are the possible charts and indicators he may have used to give this call and hold onto this call?
  3. Does he have any special paid tools that gives this levels ?

The market had already reacted to that news on 2nd april. it was more like sell on rumors & buy on news. i think he just followed the trend yesterday. these self proclaimed experts wont waste their time in giving advices, most of their calls are wrong most of the time except few hits. they know trading is probability game so they all run advisory firm by side.

Do you think tools can predict future?

Every calls given by so called guru’s has only two choices, either will go as per prediction or opposite, just like tossing a coin.

check open interest of icici before that event …it shoot up significantly…ppl knew something was cooking under far early…

can you confirm at what time he gave the long call?