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Which are the best combination of indicators that is used in charts (leading and lagging) along with timeframe?

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Hi @nithin , I would like to know your investment philosophy and what kind of investing you do.

Why do big investors like rakesh jhunjhunwala invest through his firm rare enterprise? They will have to pay more tax if invested through a firm or company by flat rate of 30% while individual investment tax is just 10% with indexation benefit.

@nik Are you instrument/industry-agnostic? or are there some trades or instruments you do not trade in as a principle or a rule that you have set for yourself? What are your self-imposed trading limitations, if any? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

hi @nik , what do you prefer, selling high IV options or low IV?
I feel that high IV options can give better premiums on an average but one crazy move can wipe out many months profits. What’s your take?

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I blew up everything on a long option trade, including borrowed money. Went to a call centre and had to work for 3.5 years to recover (2002 to 2006). This trying to make quick money is what attracts most to markets and also the reason most people lose money.


Yeah, on our list of things to do. This one has taken time since it needs some regulatory approvals.


It depends on case to case. We would typically put up an explainer on our Bulletin.

Btw your example, if stock went from 100 to 50, the lot size on the ex date will double to cover for the split. Makes no difference to your position.


If the market moves in your favor, you make money, otherwise you lose money. Typically broker risk management systems will square off positions if you don’t have sufficient capital to hold a position after a loss. But assuming there is no liquidity in the markets and hence broker RMS can’t exit, you will be forced to hold the position till expiry or until you can exit. Losses will be on your head.

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Check out modules 4, 5, & 6

While there are a lot of speculators who trade derivatives, there are also hedgers who reduce the risk by using derivatives and arbitrageurs who ensure better price discovery. Derivatives also indirectly provide a lot of liquidity to the underlying stock markets.

Hello team!

I’m a total noob when it comes to the stock market. Trying to understand the inherent value of stocks.
What is the team’s view on the value of non-dividend paying stocks. Isn’t the returns paid via dividends is what made the stocks valuable? Today when most companies aren’t paying significant dividends what makes the stock valuable? This is also the primary argument in the book The Ponzi factor.

Would love to hear the team’s thoughts / perspective on this.

Thank you.

Intrinsic value of options?


when is Zerodha mutual fund

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If there was a best, everyone would use it and soon there wouldn’t be a best. :slight_smile: But jokes apart, I don’t really think you can copy-paste someone else’s technical analysis strategy. You need to figure what works best for you.

Maybe @Karthik can help with a good starting point?


Thankfully I don’t invest in public markets anymore. @nik does all of it.

The only investments I do are for

Investments that can help expand the capital market ecosystem in India and help people do better with their money.

Investments in organizations that are working for the environment and conservation.

All investments here thankfully are done with an idea of impact and not with any money returns in mind. So I have no pressure to generate % returns. :slight_smile:


I can’t comment on RARE, but usually it is when people start managing other people’s money. That is when they branch out into investing through funds, companies, etc. Otherwise yes, it doesn’t make sense due to higher taxes.

Btw I had written this sometime back, check this

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I would suggest you to read

Maybe @Karthik the man behind Varsity can answer your question. :slight_smile:


Answered above

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On console holdings page, you can already filter by tags and track returns right?

Also when you are tagging trades, you can tag the entire breakdown to same tag with just one click.

If you are asking for a custom breakdown of the same stock holding into two different tags, that is a large technological problem for us. By custom I mean, if you have 100 shares of CGCL and you want to say 50 is Long term, 50 is Short term, that isn’t possible. You can only tag actual individual trades to a tag.

For others who want to check out on tagging