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  1. Wanted to know how do I exit Basket Orders at once / Modify SL of all my orders placed through Basket order at once.
    Example : I bought 1200 * 5 Orders through Basket Order. Now I want to modify my SL of all these 5 Orders at once as doing independently would take time & possible chances of my SL getting crossed.
    If I Exit from Positions, will only 1 Order of 1200 Qtys gets Exited or all my 5 Orders.
    If I change my SL from Exit Positions, will only 1 Order of 1200 Qtys get its SL changed or all my 5 Orders.

  2. Can I place GTT OCO Orders in Basket ?

Plz answer.

You cannot modify all SL orders at once. You will have to do it one by one.

In one order you will only be able to exit 1200 quantity. You will have to place multiple orders to exit quantity more than the freeze quantity limit.

You can use Sticky Order window feature to quickly place multiple orders. More in it here:

Only for that specific order. Also, you will have to modify pending orders form the orders tab.

When you’re placing a order in the basket, you can select both GTT Target and Stopploss fields. One your main order is executed, GTT OCO order will be placed.

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@ShubhS9 You’re a savior always. Merry Christmas. Thank you so much!

One last question, You said - “When you’re placing a order in the basket, you can select both GTT Target and Stop loss fields. One your main order is executed, GTT OCO order will be placed.”

When I am trying to add any strike price in my Basket it is not allowing me to have GTT Order in it.
Can you plz plz plz explain how to add a GTT order in Basket.

When you’re adding an order to the basket, you need to select the GTT Stoploss and Target checkboxes. Once your order is executed, this will place the GTT OCO order;


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@ShubhS9 Why am I not able to see GTT here ? I was able to see it till today morning. Plz help Sir.
Do we specifically use Over Night ?

It does not comes in Intraday ?

This option is not available for the Intraday (MIS) product type. You will have to use Overnight (NRML).


Why is this sticky order window limited to the Home page?

@nithin Dear sir, can you please extend this extraordinary feature so that this order functionality can be used for firing multiple orders from other pop-out tab’s as well :pray: limiting this extraordinary feature to the main page is just too limiting to be honest. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

On our list of things to do :slightly_smiling_face:

@ShubhS9 Had a new doubt. Lets suppose Buying 1 Lot costs me Rs. 15000. So Buying 96 Lots through Basket is costing me 14.4 Lacs.
Now, lets say, selling one lot costs me Rs. 1.25 lacs. So Selling 96 Lots 1.20 CR

So when I execute 2400 Qtys from Basket Order it needs 14.4 lacs minimum in my Zerodha Account.
Similarly, when I want to Basket Exit these 2400 already bought Qtys by creating a separate Sell Basket do I need 1.20 CR or 14.4 Lacs

Plz assist.

You don’t need any margin to square-off the positions you hold.

@ShubhS9 Thank you so much! So in 14.4 Lacs I will be able to buy 2400 Qtys & then create a separate Sell Basket Order & exit (sell) them (my position) too.



Sir one more question.

Is there any way to execute 1+ Baskets at the same time or do I need to do it manually.

24000 Qtys of 39000 CE in 1st Basket
24000 Qtys of 39100 CE in 2nd Basket

Now can I execute both of them together (via sensibull) etc or any other way or do I need to manually execute Basket 1 and then execute Basket 2

You will have to execute each basket seperately.