Assistance/suggestion on my studies related to banking sector

Hi there! I am finding difficulty understanding how the banks work. I am looking forward to learn and master analytics on banking sector so that I will be proficient enough to trade BankNifty. My problem is I do not have any guidance from anyone and I have been dong my analysis past some years.

  1. My question is that am I going in a right way of first trying to learn how the banks work(First trying to learn about an individual bank) > then understand how the banking sector as a whole is performing?
  2. For a layman like me, the terms used in the articles on the internet is bit difficult to comprehend, as I am not from the finance background. However, I have seen and read about many individuals who not being from the finance background but still are proficient in the banking sector, knowledge wise. How can I learn the banking sector ? What is the starting point to learn about this sector? Well, I have cleared few banking exams which are very easy(IBPS), which hardy contains few basic banking terms like ‘Repo rate’ and ''Reverse repo Rate" but I am not happy with this stance. Please guide me if there are any books for beginners to study the banking industry.
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You won’t find all information related to banking sector in one website, you can just take help of google search in understanding whatever term you want to. that will be much easier.

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If your main goal is to trade in BankNifty then I feel you do NOT need to know the intricacies of Banking sector too much…

Having a Macro level view on the direction the Banking sector will move (up or down), in general, might be good enough to start trading since the underlying trading asset will be an amalgamation of various Banks and not 1 specific/particular Bank… That’s the Beauty of Index trading in my opinion :wink:

However, knowledge is always helpful, so if time permits read/watch as much on this topic as possible especially the commentary by Financial Experts on the Business TV Channels & Websites…

Best of luck!! :):+1: