At 9.15 am when markets open major price movement is already happened


I am really confused how to place orders/trades to take advantage of first few minutes of volatility?

By 9.15 am …most of action is already done…than nothing much to do.
What I am missing?
if I place after market order…it does not work because it opens more than by limit price.


Why would u trade at such random moves and at the worst time

Lot of good traders I know never trade in opening minutes

There are lot of time periods during the day Nifty gives good moves, check example of today :slight_smile:


When there is good or bad news …the effect of that news take effect during first few minutes including pre market …I have seen that multiple times. so I want to learn as to how to order during pre market or before pre market or during first 15 minutes until 9.30 am


By the way do you understand that’s a suicidal wish. I am afraid you are using a filter called ‘wishful thinking’ that you will make profits what if you make consistent loss for 5 days which is highly probable. In case you still want to trade the initial minutes, view innumerable YT videos on the subject. But again the caution - understand the risks. If you see any seasoned trader (i mean who make consistent profit and make a living out of trading) they avoid at least first 10 - 15 minutes. Dont be distracted by FOMO syndrome. There will be lot of opportunities.


@curiousvi your question is complex. Premarket hours is a black box…don’t enter anything there. To make use of morning volatity enter previous day after 3 15 pm. BTST.

If u observe TCS for a week u will understand this better.