At what capital is the trading useless?


here is the 3 rs increase per day for this stock and see the next day candle and boom it goes lower circuit till 91 rs…


There are few things which you are missing :
1.Intraday strategies are not very scalable. Meaning a guy with 10 crores capital won’t be able to get a fill at desired price in order to get 1-2% ROC as compared to someone who is trading with 1 lac capital. The reason is : there’s limited number of shares/lots available to trade at a certain price. Its called liquidity. Nifty and Banknifty has maximum liquidity in Nse. Watch their price ladder to understand how trading happens at a certain price.
2. Learn about law of diminishing returns in order to understand why RJ cannot make 300 crores on 1000 crore capital day in day out. Its funny to even think about it… :laughing:
3. Third is losing streak… even if you are able to execute a trading sytem to the dot, it will hit a losing a streak and if risk per trade is not properly managed, traidng capital will evaporate quite quickly.


operators are part of the game guys… if you learn to ride them… they are your freinds.


Yes totally agree with you.