Auction market orders not filled

Today i.e, 30.01.2023 there is 897 NYKAA shares came in auction and i have 11 qty, I have placed an auction sell order but its not filled, can any one explain me why?
pls see the screenshot attached below for reference


The order you placed in the auction market was at 143.3, while the stock traded at 137.5 in the auction market. As your bid was at a higher price, the order wasn’t filled.

but there is total 897 Shares came in auction and offer’s were only 193 shares only @ 137.5, wt about rest of the 704 share’s sir,
and prior to my order there is only 193+42+19+125+30=409 shares only
pls enlighten me

@ShubhS9 boss pls reply

Will check more on this and get back to you on it.

Thank you, pls revert me.

@Deepanker_Mathur @MohammedFaisal can u pls clarify on this

What you see in the market depth are the unexecuted orders. Most likely someone would’ve put in a large order at 137.5 at the session closing which would have filled the quantity the exchange was looking to purchase so all other orders remained unexecuted.

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