Audit avoidance with ITR3


How exactly we can avoid audit while filing ITR3(new form) for below scenario.

1)Salary income in 30% tax slab
2)Short term gain 20000
3)Intraday equity turnover 300000 with loss of 80000
4)Options turnover 100000 with gain of 100

Due to intraday, ITR4 cannot be used. so how can one avoid audit and books & account by declaring profit @6% while filing ITR3.
How do we fill no accounts section and related fields in schedule BP


In the ITR 3 you can fill No account case and you need to fill P&L full and Balance sheet 4 Items ie Sundry Debotors, Creditors , Inventory & Cash Balance

Thanks, So basically I can just fill gross receipts as total turnover (intraday + F&O) and gross profit @6% of turnover?
Also main confusion is with schedule BP…do I need to fill speculative income in 2a(intraday profit @6% of intraday turnover) separately. And I don’t think I have to select sec44AD in point 35.

Would appreciate your input as I took paid service from an online provider but seems they have no clue how to fill ITR3 in my case.