Audit cost for BTST trader, turnover approx. 8cr

How much would be audit cost for turnover around approx. 8 cr for a btst trading activity?
All trades are executed via zerodha.

Pls check here…

There doesn’t seem to be information on approx audit cost on that website.

Request a call back - they will reach out to you.

Last year I used quicko but without audit. On quicko’s website I don’t find any audit cost details (I know the audit cost depends on no. of transactions, etc , I also know may be there is no straightforward answer to my question as depends on other factors as I mentioned but still I am looking for some approximate cost based on turnover)

FY2020-21 :This is the 1st year filing ITR3 as a business have to tax audit as profit is less than 6% turnover :roll_eyes:. I have some doubts (stock gambling only from april 2020)

  1. Intraday speculative trading : no calculation of buy & sell value of stocks right ? only profit/loss?
  2. STCG (BTST &up to 1month holding max ) buy& sell value comes under turn over as a business ?
  3. have currency trades - comes under turn over as a business?
  4. Have futures& option trades -comes under turn over as a business?
    5.Have Comodity trades --comes under turn over as a business?
    6.All brokerage charges ,STT,Stamp duty,Exchange fees can be claimed for which heads?
    7.What is the IT filing code for business “speculator/stocks trader” (apart from stonks ,all these years I filed ITR1 with only FD income as a senior citizen )
  1. have 2 brokerages statements (Zerodha+ another) ( turn over total may be 4-5 crores)
    9.Net Net I have profit in intraday & but losses in STCG , F&O,Commodity,Currency etc can we adjust all & give a total P&L in ITR3
  2. looking for any auditor fees quotes or good experience of fellow traders here. Any city is ok,
    but that CA must specialise filing for stock tradres. Normal CA’s dont know much about these