Auto credit money to zerodha using UPI

Hello everyone,
Is it possible to set up auto transfers via upi to zerodha account similar to setting up ECS bank mandate? I could see only ad-hoc transfer of funds using UPI.

Recurring payments on UPI was supposed to come out in UPI 2.0, but is now delayed I guess. So not really possible now. But we are working on ENACH integration, where u can digitally sign your NACH/ECS form with AADHAR.


Thanks for the update @nithin . Looking forward for this E-NACH feature.

@nithin @siva any update on e-nach? its been year

Aadhaar based one click e-NACH has been discontinued by the Govt last year in Sep/ Oct I guess. Paper-based mandate has to be submitted in my knowledge. But Zerodha has not started it so far. When? Only team zerodha knows.

Zerodha is already listed on NPCI’s schedule of corporates live on e-mandates.

The e-mandate registration flow works through netbanking or debit card authorization. Registration is confirmed in T+2 days. Once registered, transactions can be very flexibly scheduled. Most of the major banks are live on it through one of the two methods or both. We could soon have this out. Cheers :slight_smile:

@mohitmehra well spotted! As someone who has used Coin more than Kite, direct debit from my Bank Account and true SIP (currently available only for a few MFs - and I’m not sure how to sort through Coin to see only those) have been the top features I want.

@Nitin could you please confirm / share an update on this :slight_smile:

We don’t have a date for the launch yet. But our team is working on having this live to allow the scheduled auto-debits from your bank.

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