Auto Order generation based on Open Price

I want place automated orders for shortlisted stocks based on Open price!
It hard to do it manually in the short time frame of 5 mins before market opens, Is there a way I can do it in Streak.
For ex: I want to place a SELL order at +10 points above OPEN and BUY 20 points below OPEN on say SBICARDS and SL orders on either side when trade gets executed.

How can I manage this in Streak or Kite?

@Streak can you.

Do you mean auto-trading? Streak does not support auto trading as per regulation.

Streak will send you an order notification once the Strategy criteria is met. The condition will be checked on candle closing basis and not LTP.

@Krishnendu @Streak I don’t mean orders should get executed, the order should be generated say in the basket, which can be sent for execution manually, I’m unable to set strategy based on OPEN priced of the day and then based on that generate orders.

I’m ok to place SL orders manually, Requirement is to generate orders based on OPEN price. Haven’t been able to do it in streak, I was hoping to rely on Streak until I find the API way of solving this. Do let me know if I’m missing something. If nor least I want is some way of downloading OHLCV for my scans so I can generate TP on scanned scrips.

You need to use Opening Range( Open) for this.