Auto quantity based on limit/margin in zerodha

Hello Team Zerodha
I’ve been using ICICI direct almost for ever… But recently I started using Zerodha and have been mesmerised by its simplicity in the way it gets tasks done.
I have a coupleor rather three feature requests and don’t know how to place them so am just starting a new topic.

  1. Can we have something like instead of selecting quantity while placing order, it gets automatically calculated based on limit/margin or may be the amount I allocate for the day’s trades… This would be a BIG help in taking volatile intraday positions… Something similar to we what we have in icici direct where the number of shares gets calculated based on a mount allocated or limit(arising out of the sales fir the day)
  2. Something like this has already been asked… Can we create portfolio’s accessible in holdings in kite where we could mark a holding as short term long term so that we can know which all can I square off…
  3. Can we have something like where we could set a target for our holding so that we know when do we plan to sell a holding

I do understand not everything is possible but I also do understand that nothing is impossible… I’m doing quite a lot of this in Google sheets but would be Greta to have it all in kite if possoble🙏🏻

  1. Exactly not same but something similar is available. When we open order popup and enter quantity, at bottom it shows margin required for this trade. I use this for swing trade. Suppose I wanted to allocate 10k per swing trade, then I’ll adjust qty and at bottom it shows margin required.
  2. We can create tags dd it to scripts. However this is not available in kite yet.
  3. We can create GTT orders for stop-loss and target profit