Auto-Square Off Always Shells Out Losses


@nithin I am not sure how many others have witnessed it. But I always find the Auto-Square off shelling out a Loss whether Buy or Sell. When My Buy order somehow didn’t get executed before 3:20, everytime Auto-square off has captured the least amount after 3:20 pm(as if it has waited for the minimum amount/fall). Likewise even today My order that didn’t get triggered by 3:20 had auto-squared off at 3:22 pm and it picked up the lowest price and immediately after that the price rose. Can you explain this at your convenience. It would help me prevent an auto-square off at any cost any day. Coz for bigger quantities it can invoke a bigger loss(if it’s a loss) at square-off and lower the profits (if it’s a profit at square-off).


At around 3.20 I think most brokers would be squaring off intraday positions. Markets get extremely choppy. Also hindsight bias generally gets you to assume these are losses. It is actually luck of draw, there will profits and losses, it is like tossing a coin.
But generally it is best to be in control and do it yourself.


@nithin Thank You So much for your prompt reply and in almost no time. Means a lot. Seems like in the Luck of Draw, My Luck has always been bad. Yeah will avoid it henceforth. Thank You Very Much.

Would take the time to say…Kudos to what You have done with Zerodha and it enables So many young people to get into Trading. I Sincerely Hope You Achieve Much More and Everything that You Want. Thanks Once More.