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Is there any way to setup our system to buy automatically when the price moves above the given price (and vise versa for the sell). If the CMP of XYZ Company is 100 then i want to setup the console to buy 10 quantity of XYZ company automatically if the Price moves above or equal to 105 with the stop loss of 3 points ie 102. I want to repeat this for the entire day (for intraday) again and again when the condition is met. Is there any way to achieve this through Zerodha Streak or any other platform. Awaiting for valuable suggestion.


Streak does not support auto trading. You can create a condition based on price. Once the stock trades within a range, you will get a notification, clicking on which you can place orders. However, order placement cannot be automated.

You can further write to [email protected] with the details of your requirement.

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What a wonderful initiative and also benevolent of you in sharing it.

I have lost money trading through streak notifications and hence moved away from cash trades altogether.

Would love to connect back once streak has any offering for options.