Automated trade on Every Thursday

Hello All,
I want to automately place an order on every Thursday (Expiry Day), at defined time say 9:30 AM , number of lots depending on 90% of available margin . Defined SL as well

Do we have anything to carry out this trade automatically.

Use @Streak with Trade Rocket It will place automatic trade at any specific time. Also to select the quantity you can use the Capital based entry feature.

Look at this for my options strategy to enter on a Tuesday, use the same logic for your trading-


hello @ManoranjanS

Kindly note that for Day and Time specific entries, you can use the “Candle Time” function available in the Streak Platform. The condition in the below image will trigger for an entry on every Thursday at 9:30 AM

Also, Streak doesn’t consider any margin or leverage of any sort. However, you can enter the lots/quantity as per your requirement.

As per the regulatory guidelines by SEBI, Streak does not provide automated order placement. However, we do provide one-click actionable notifications when your strategy conditions are met. If you click on the buy/sell notification, it’ll immediately place your order.

You can download our mobile app to receive notifications on the go:
IOS: ‎Streak - Systematic Trading on the App Store

To learn more about “Candle Time” function, refer to the link below:

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