Automated trading help

Good morning. Please let me know :

  1. If automated trading is possible with whichever broker we choose?
  2. If yes, what is the process and cost for that?
  3. Any paid or free tutorial to do that?

Zerodha seems to be fine but the brokerage will be too high if the quantity per order is low. Initially I want to test my system with a fixed brokerage company with just one lot. If it is successful then I can increase the quantities and go with a more stable and reliable broker like zerodha. Could not find any other even close to zerodha in terms of number of customers.

Why people choose zerodha , zerodha platform is user friendly , any other broker its very difficult to trade , i have an experience , most of the traditional broker does int have SLM order , this one is very useful for option trader, and one more thing back-office system is awesome in Zerodha when you r comparing anyother broker ,
there is no hidden charges in zerodha they r really open in this matter , other brokers have lot of hidden charges those thing we cannot understand ,
these all the thing i like and stick with zerodha ,

Thanks and I agree with you in toto. Only thing I am looking at is using the system I have in mind for a couple of months with about 10 orders per day which works out 236 per day in zerodha. So that will be about 10k in two months assuming 45 trading days. This can be done in less than 2000 if I am with a broker who charges on monthly basis. 10k is not much for two months if I am trading 5 lots or more per trade. But I am unsure if my strategy works well or not. So losses in the trades will be in addition to the brokerage. Loss in the trade cannot be stopped but brokerage can be reduced. As mentioned before anyone will like a stable and reliable broker and 10k is nothing if I can make 40-50k.