Automatic buy orders for F&O

Let’s say I want to create a custom code to create automatic buy orders on a particular futures trade.
Ie every three months when the F&O expires I want to buy a new contract automatically essentially converting a 3-month expiry to a year-long expiry.
I think I would have to make a custom script to execute this. What language do I need to use and where do I deploy this script?

There is the Kite Connect api.

If you’re new to coding, start with python. Even if you hire someone to write the code for you, you must know the basics.
For your particular query, i don’t think you need write and run a code. You only need to set an alarm and repurchase the future contact every month/three.

In case it’s a nifty contract, you just create a synthetic future using options contact and they are available for 1 year. So, you only have to do this once a year

  1. You can use python for it as it’s versatile and easy to learn.

  2. Next you’ll have to connect with broker from python by using your trading account api or credentials to place orders.

  3. As your script is pretty simple you don’t need much cpu power or ram so you can get cheap $5/10 per month hosting plan from aws, linode etc to deploy it.

Thank you for the responses. I will assume that hosting a python script on AWS is the best way to implement this.
To clarify there are no rbi regulations against doing something like this correct? I assume this would be the same if I were to trade options as well?

You can host it anywhere or just run locally, it’s based on your requirements. And yes for both questions.