Automatic trading

Hy traders,

Is Automatic trading allowed for retail traders like me india…i saw lots of ads in about that please guide…

Nope. Not allowed. However there are work arounds.

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You can through broker provided API s

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But I think you need get approval from exchange on your algorithms.

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Is there any mobile application that will help me trade automatically ?

I want to auto trade through mobile phones based on my strategies.

Automation isn’t allowed for retail traders.

@Bhuvan and @cryptictrader Is there any document from NSE or SEBI which says automation is not allowed for retail traders?

The whole fact that lot of brokers including Zerodha have opened up their API’s which enables automated trading and they are available for retail traders as well.

I found a document from SEBI on this.
Summary of SEBI guidelines on Algorithmic trading

  • It specifies the guidelines that need to be followed by the stock exchanges and brokers to enable algorithmic trading.
  • Mostly it talks about updating the systems of exchanges and brokers to comply with certain checks.
  • So when the brokers release their API’s - it must have in place all the checks mentioned in the guidelines.

There is no explicit statement that it is not allowed for retail traders.