Averaging stocks out or buying new ones?


During these dreaded times, Is it better to average stocks that were purchased at much higher levels or buy new ones that are now at a discounted price?

Please advise.

Depends on the stocks you have.
If they are fundamentally good then you can buy more of them. eg : HDFC Bank, Reliance.

But if you have stocks which are like yes bank or any automobile stocks (tatamotors,ashok Leyland,etc) then it’s better to buy new ones.

I currently hold Heidelberg cement which is strong fundamentally. But i am seriously confused to average Heidelberg cement or enter/buy reliance since i don’t have any of it and it looks attractive at this rate.

Please advice

If you average stocks , your losses will be same , only your buy price to LTP will come down , if you are an investor , its better to buy the stock in small quantities , which you have confidence