Avoiding loss by doing nothing

What is the biggest loss u could avoid by doing nothing and waiting?

I am not sure what you wish to imply here, but what if you come to the point, that you play not to avoid losses?

The only scenario I can avoid all my would be losing trades, means I have to time travel.

Not sure if that’s the answer you are looking for.

Simple, you cannot do that unless you can time travel.

Stick to your starategies / plans, when it goes against you, make sure you get rid of the losers first. Don’t be greedy and don’t wait for the change of colour in your screen from red to green.


Biggest loss would be the cost of ‘Five Star’ chocolates which I eat for doing nothing…!!!

Your query or question made me think, think and think but not getting anywhere…still my two cents is

The biggest loss you could avoid by doing nothing but waiting is “you save on depression, anxiety, when market falls”.

The biggest loss you will face by doing nothing is “opportunity lost”.

yes, 100% true.

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A notional loss on your sold stock, which would have given you huge profit, had you not done anything with it… especially the one which was in red for a long time.