Backtesting 5 Ema Strategy of Power of stocks

I WANT TO CREATE STRATEGY ON 9&15 EMA BY THE TRADER ROOM ON NIFTY ATM OPTIONS ?[quote=“Vasu_patel, post:3, topic:131974, full:true”]
Hi @Tradeinpeace

I have created a strategy as per my understanding. Refer to the below link for your strategy conditions.

I have used the Signal candle and the Trade candle function to create your exit conditions, and the ATM CE strikes are selected using the Dynamic contracts feature of Streak. Click on the below links to learn more about the functions and how they are used in Streak.

Signal Candle- Indicators - Streak Help
Trade Candle- Indicators - Streak Help
Dynamic contract- Dynamic Contract - Streak Help

Hope this helps


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i want to create 9 15 ema of trade room