Backtesting Nifty Options using last 10 - 15 years of historical data

Hi, Is there any FREE web tool available to test generic strategy with last 10-15 years of historical options data ?

Currently I am developing one site for retail investors but if such site already available than I should not really re-invent the wheel and spent time on it !!! :slight_smile:

I am keen to backtest Nifty Options and all equity options using historical data, there are so many opportunities I can see here to build history backed strategy.

Please do let me know.

i think no site is available. i found only NSE india providing such data but only for last 90 days.

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Hi Vaibhav_V,

Good. Than our site will be useful for backtesting. We will provide last 15 years of data.

Yes definately,it will be a great help.

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Pls mail me - [email protected] whenever it’s ready or you need any help.

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Its not gonna easy, but good luck for your project and let us know when you develop some beta version, we would like to test and validate your portal.

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Thanks Jignesh. Joined the group.

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Greetings. Any updates on the same?