Backtesting with fundamental and technical data, different entry & exit criteria

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a trading strategy based on fundamental and technical data. The idea is to buy stocks that meet certain fundamental and technical conditions, hold them until they meet another set of fundamental and technical conditions.

I have been looking for websites/tools to backtest the strategies. However, there doesn’t seem to be any that meet the requirements.

Target Universe: Equity / Cash
Market: India
Stock Screening Criteria: Both fundamental and technical data

  1. Buy Criteria - Apply a set of fundamental and technical criteria to filter out stocks.
  2. Buy the filtered stocks in certain proportion.
  3. Sell Criteria - Apply another set of fundamental and technical criteria to filter stocks within the portfolio.
  4. Sell the stocks when sell criteria is met, otherwise continue to hold until sell criteria is met.

I found a few options but with limitations:

  1. Streak - This allows you to build different entry and exit criteria, however, only technical data can be used.
  2. Trendlyne - This allows you to use both fundamental and technical data, but you cannot build two different set of criteria for entry and exit.
  3. Tradingview - You can only apply a strategy on a single stock and see the outcome.

Question: Are there any website/tool that allows you to backtest trading strategy with both fundamental and technical data and allows for different entry and exit criteria.