Badly in need of real time chart for nse stocks, F&O

I was using “tradingview” real time data which is now delayed (15 mts or so) for free subscription. is still real time for free but i see a delay in their quotes. I liked their charting versatility.

Pi charts does not provide more than 60 days which is really not useful. So what is the best real time charting option for retail traders. Does Zerodha have arrangements with any of the chart provider.

i don’t know 100% but there is no such arrangement by Zerodha.

please explain your query in brief, like are looking for realtime data or historical data feeds , is your requirement for any charting platform like amibroker or ninja trader?,

In Pi or kite you will get real time data and historical data with 3 to 4 months minute data for FNO & Equity and EOD data upto 10 year for Equity.

With the disruptive technologies emerging everyday threatening businesses, adding to that geo- political uncertainties are creating huge volatility. Buy and forget for years kind of plan will not work anymore. Booking profits frequently is the best plan for the present situation. In that case where is the need for data of more than one year ?


Sorry Idid not check back for a while. My problem is I am not satisfied with Pi chart. It is not as versatile as that of “trading view” or “” . Realtime data in trading view is now a paid service. is still free but sometime their servers are slow. ( I basically use Pi market watch and chart from
IS there a similar versatile desktop charting application available for nse / NFO/Forex

Fyers started providing us free tradingview access. we can also trade right from tradingview on Fyers.

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