Bajaj holding investment

Hi guys . How to know where bajaj holding and investment has invested …
Even company website doesn’t provide where it has invested.

@Shivanand1 it can be known from annual report which must be there on website . if you are a shareholder you can request a physical copy too.

The latest holding

Bajaj Holdings & Investment Limited holds strategic stakes of 33.43% in Bajaj Auto Ltd. (BAL) – an
increase of 1.89% from 31.54% in previous year, 39.29% in Bajaj Finserv Ltd. (BFS) and 24% in
Maharashtra Scooters Ltd. (MSL), the results of which it consolidates.

Is it good to invest in Bajaj holding who can multiple holding of thiers or better is to pick specific tranche of theirs for say Bajaj Finance. Which way would be best to invest in Bajaj for long term 10-15year.