Balance sheet for ITR-3

Cash balance in demat account to be shown as cash in hand or cash at bank for preparing balance sheet

Cash Balance in Demat account is your holding … If you have classified as a Trader then it can be classified under Inventory. Cash Balance is cash balance & Bank balance

Can anyone share how to prepare balance sheet in itr-3. Guidelines/screenshot or any other material which helps…

You can use Last proforma are provided

Thanks @TAXIQ.IN for quick response … one more thing in sample itr balance sheet is left blank, is it optional ??

No You need to fill the data in the ITR

Do i need to mention Mutual Fund investments and Demat holdings in ITR3 (Balance Sheet)?

I have a very basic query. I am confused.

Do we need to report intraday turnover as gross receipts?
If I do enter it as gross receipts it reduces my losses. Isn’t turnover a measure? How can it be be adjusted against losses.
E.g. If my turnover is 500 and I enter this as gross receipts and my overall loss is 1000. After adjustment it shows 500 overall loss which is to be carried forward.

Is this right?

I could not find any satisfactory explanation on google. Also I don’t trust google.



Before filling ITR you can keep your computation ready so that it become easy to fill all the fields. Now the Gross receipt can be positive settlement trades you have done , then if you have losses ie trades where you have negative settlements shall be under expenses groupings so you can exact desired results.

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Okay. So… positive trades as gross receipts and negative trades as expense and that is how i show my intraday turnover?

Did I understand it right??

Yes , You need to make the Pl filled in the ITR

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Thanks @TAXIQ.IN
You my friend are a lifesaver.


I receive monthly allowance from my mother i.e. 5000/- per month. I was saving this money then I started trading with this money (2 Lakh saved). The tax on this money has already been paid by my mother.


  1. Since I use this money as trading capital do I need to show this money in ITR3 as income?
    (Given I have shown this money as proprietor’s capital in balance sheet)

  2. Where to show this money? I don’t think I can show this in schedule S or schedule OS since this isn’t salary income more like pocket money.


Money received from Mother is not a Income , If its Gift non refundable you can add this to capital and if it need to repaid it can be shown as Loan.

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