Bandhan Bank : Is it going to be another Yes bank?

Hi guys!

Can anyone tell me what happened to Bandhan Bank? Why is its price falling almost everyday when the index is rising? Is it going towards the same direction as that of Yes Bank… I’m literally very confused…

Please throw some lights if you have any clues.

Few days ago some news surfaced that the promoters have sold a good chunk of their shares through bulk deal… To comply with the RBI norms. Since then it has been going downwards. But before that it had been rallied like anything keeping other peer banking stocks far behind… That time I doubted that there must be some operators’ game was going on…
However, I failed to understand in which way it is going to impact the stock if the operators sell their stakes to comply RBI. Rather it is possibly should be good sign… But it is beyond my capacity to crack the mystery. Anyway, hopefully the data shows that FIIs are accumulating the stock… So it might be a good sign for the stock to rally in coming days.

You are absolutely right sir… Just two months ago the same thing happened to me… I bought some shares of reliance. It was in good rally. But after my purchasing it started falling… Two days declined one day advanced… Net I was loosing money… Around 50 k already lost in value… But I had hope as the company fundamental was looking good… But it was everyday killing my hope… At last it took one month almost to make my loss zero and book only a little to manage the charges… But due to my lack of experience in this field I withdrew my money… And again It started rallying… Totally confused… How market could study our psychology? A no of time I noticed… Even in Intraday after entering any trade market would start going exactly in opposite direction to create panic and book loss. And again would start in favour of your direction when already you have come out the market booking some losses…
Really a strange.

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Either Vijay Malya, or Nirav Modi, or Rana kapoor, almost every year some one is being exposed and banks are getting collapsed resulting the common people to get the brunt.

People are panicked to park their money in the bank… Where will go they now?

Good luck dear sir…

I feel that, you should avoid banking stocks for this time. as all has to get currected and mostly they will soon.

Again correction? OMG! Then when should we invest there? Already, unrealised loss 20%. At this point, if exit I have to book loss. But, if I continue to remain in, then also fear if it continues to fall what will happen. But if there’s no fundamental problem, then it is alright, it will recover as and when other peer stocks will do so. However, the tension factor is, who knows what is the thing going on inside. Nowadays, maximum scams are happening in Banking sectors.

Very much fear engulfing me.

@Tapastanay in banking stock bandhan bank ROE is 20+ , its good bank , good buy , all banks have problem in NPA bandhan bank is very well position and have huge market in retail

See don’t compare YES bank with Bandhan Bank
Yes bank is corporate based bank
Bandhan bank is retail based bank , both business are different in the same category
lending to corporate is very risky ,
lending to retail is least risk , retail based banks are very good bank to buy and accumulate


@Tapastanay i went through this same phase . Then nowadays keeping fixed target. Either i reach my fixed target and book profit . Until then ignore that u have even made the purchase and assume that amt is written off

The best button that will make multi bagger profit is after buying that top right corner logout button

Book profit only when u r thoroughly satisfied with profit amount

Senior citizens taught me a lot in this. My mother never sells a stock and she just buys and get busy in cooking and household stuff. After 5 months her account has beaten mine in making record profits.

She once entered hdfc bank at 794 levels this march. I made her to book profit few days back.

Patience and a diverted attention to other avenues of life is what market likes once we invest

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@Tapastanay I love foreign stock , i am holding apple stock 50 shares i bought @128 in 2017 still i am holding every quarter i am receiving dividend now the split also , i am holding lot of American stock i love it , i trade indian optionwhat ever the profit i earned in india every two month i will transfer to usa , i am building good portfolio in usa , i already have notch portfolio in India ,… stay invested , long-term if you are investing just monitor the management not the stock price

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@TradeB2B how r u investing in US. Can u kindly explain the broker and how to buy in nyse?

I feel privileged to be here on this forum amongst the veteran investors like you all. Good lessons always mean a lot to me. Your insight will definitely boost my confidence. Giving thanks is not enough to you all. My respect and regards to you all.

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Your kind words and lessons that you have inherited are very much inspiring sir. Always stay happy and blessed sharing your precious knowledge and experience that will help the novices enormously.

My regards.

@ksksat TD Ameritrde America largest broker , $0 commission no fees nothing you can access every products if you open direct from india,
never go indian broker providing to access to USA platform to invest , for example motilal, icici, axis, upstox, hdfc etc are providing to invest USA stocks from india , whats the problem is you cannot get full access of platform and product , for every trade $5 commission you want to pay and some subscription fees also you want to pay ,
if you open direct account in TD ameritrade there is no problem on fees etc , you can access full platform

@Tapastanay from my experience let me tell. Start with a clean slate from tomorrow. No trading but investing.

Think twice before u buy a stock at a price. But once u bought that stock give it a year time and also set a fixed exit price. If exit price is reached tomorrow book it. Incase u are seeing the stock going down dont take any action but just wait. After a year still if it is low u may decide next course of action

If u feel for eg price is unjustified dont buy a stock at all. Let it rally before ur eyes to 200% just stay out of the game

But once a stock is bought forget sell button until it reaches ur target.

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