Bank ifsc code if i transfer bank account


I am thinking to transfer my bank account from one place to another. the account is linked with zerodha. will i face any issues in transferring funds as IFSC code will be changed?

Hi @itsgrv
Yes, you will face problem in transferring funds so once u have changed the bank to another place. you can download account modification form and fill the details which u can download from account modification form and also attach the bank details which is to be changed then courier it to zerodha headquarters, you can find the address in

@Abhishek_Malsa link is not working

Hi @itsgrv
please visit > find change request section > find account modification form.

hi do i have to do this for my mutual fund also…which is debiting from my account?

once the account is modified as per required the payout or payin will be smooth.

I thought if the account number is same… it will not be a trouble… now i have to fill the form…

yes, you have to initiate.Happy trading

Good banks these days aren’t affected by IFSC. You can enter the IFSC for any branch and then the funds will still go to the right account. But yeah, better to correct things which you can :slight_smile: So, do submit the account modification form.