Bank Nifty correction?

Hi there
What’s your view on Bank Nifty? It has rallied up 372 points today.
Do you think these levels are sustainable or is a correction due?
Can we expect a slight fall before budget?
Share your thoughts. @Lets_Invest @Srinivas @maddy_Des @VelmuruganSengottai @Spaceship

i am a fan of delta neutral strategies , so not betting on any direction :smile:
my guess is after the budget , things might cool down … budget will be definitely people friendly ( and against mkt ) this time


Last three sessions shows that bank nifty is heading towards the 27000 marks
Large volume support the move.
Option data suggests 26500 level big support
So in near time i cant see big correction in bank nifty
It has out performed the nifty.

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