Bank Nifty Expiry Query

Bank Nifty JUL FUT closed today on 26425. I have bought BANK NIFTY 2300 PE. Tomorrow is Thursday and thus expiry. According to technical analysis, Bank Nifty will open negative. I have bought my option at Rs. 300 per contract. My query is if Bank Nifty FUT moves in my direction,

  1. Will my options gain at price because underlying security has moved in my favour, i.e. option will go above Rs. 300 ( at least for some time so that I can close my position)
  2. Will my options lose money and directly hit 0 ( because of its expiry ) and I won’t have any time to close my position at least at partial loss ?

Also will I get enough liquidity to close my position?

Please reply at the earliest as this is worrying me.

First of all if u brought at 300, i am guessing you bought monthly expiry BANKNIFTY option

So that will expire 26 july, not tomorrow. Movement might be random, not sure. But movement wont be very high like going to zero.

I hope you know there is BANKNIFTY expiry every week

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Are you sure I bought monthly expiry? How can I confirm it?


BANKNIFTY 26300 CE - Monthly

BANKNIFTY 5th JUL 26300 CE - Tomorrows

It shows expiry date just click on that and check in Market Depth