Bank nifty futures

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  1. sir i want to trade bank nifty futures what all information i should be aware of …to trade bank nifty futures.
  2. is it due to rollover …today bank nifty gained over 600 points even though it is in losses for past three days or is it due to any other reason.
  3. in rollover we sell this months contract and buy next month contract…technically this months price should fall and next month’s price should increase but why is that not happening…
  4. if i have bank nifty May futures in my watch list …after expiry do i get continuous chart of next month contract…if i place order from the old month contract will it be executed
  5. how to get underlying quote of bank nifty on kite.
  6. is it possible in kite to have one time frame for one scrip and different time frame for other without applying same preferences for all the scrips…

thank you

  1. May month contract is now expired and you will not be able to see its chart next day onwards. No you cannot place an order on old month contract.
  2. Type “NIFTY BANK INDEX” and you should be able to see banknifty quote.
  3. I dont think its possible.

thanks…im not asking about placing order for old month contract…for new month’s contract …can we place order from old month chart…

Old month chart will not be available. Either use the BankNifty Spot or use the current month chart.

  1. it is not necessary for a current month future contract to drop as people are rolling over on expiry day. Bcoz some other people are ready to buy them as it’s underlying price is raising even they know it that it’s the last day. They are trying to get that day’s profit as the contract will be cash settled at EOD. They would enter afresh tomorrow in Jun contract if they are still bullish.
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