Bank related to demat account

Sir may it be possible to link a particular bank account with zerodha demat account which was earlier link to any broking agency (demat account).As it should be remain open a long.

You can link the same bank account with multiple trading accounts. It won’t be an issue. So you can go ahead and open an account with Zerodha with the same bank account.

My Bank is Bank of Baroda. They don’t register for ASBA in different Dp Id in the same name as I have one dmat with zerodha and other with someone else. Tell me what to do when I want to apply in IPO sometimes with Zerodha DPID and sometimes with other DP

Hey Rajnish,

From what I understood from your query, there are no restrictions for IPO applications through ASBA, be it from BOB or any other bank. Check this link.

The process to apply for an IPO through ASBA is as explained here. You can login to your internet banking portal and do it. Or
You can download the E-ASBA forms here, fill it up and submit it at ASBA designated branches.
The process of applying for an IPO via ASBA remains the same no matter which demat you are applying through.