Bank sector moving down!

Will the bank sector go down on Monday?what is possibility? What is your forecast on vijaya bank stock? It is now at about 58 …I could short in in big quantity? New to forum …Please help in beginning trades

I can help but what quantity u can?

About 2000 stocks

K but nothing we can predict lets wait for monday opening then wil l take a decision

Thank you…friend…let’s wait …

You can short in big quantities but only for intraday as vijaya bank is not available in derivatives segment and don’t short and don’t play with intraday, as a beginner u may not have been accustomed to market movement and you may take excessive risk, do your own analysis and trade. Peter Lynch said “Know what you own and why you own it” and definitely don’t take others predictions or analysis it won’t end up well even if its right. you will be putting money on a stranger whom you have never met and you dont know if they have made money or not. professional traders don’t give predictions its only amateurs who do.

We all know and experience trader/investors know it better that Nothing is permanent in stock market.
If something is down today it will comeback as boom next day or next month next year you never know.
You can’t survive in this market on predictions. You need strong numbers, you need data, you need insider news with valid data. Then only you can survive in this market otherwise people will drag you down make you bankrupt. This market is so brutal you can’t even imagine.
Trade safe.

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Shorting non FNO STOCK is it suicidal.

Only last week we saw a case what happened.

How can we know which stock is inderivatives segment and which not?

@Liya here (

But does zerodha allow shorting stocks in cash segment in intraday basis?

Obviously they do, they also have products like bracket order and cover order for intraday only.