Banknifty buying and selling

Is there any tool which can be used with zerodha to buy an option and sell another option, when they both are equally priced?

Say banknifty monthly future is at 35000. I wish to sell 37000 call and buy 35000 put when banknifty future reaches 36000. (Here I am assuming that both being equidistant from spot will have same price). Any way to do this automatically?

Also, is there any alert system especially with sound which can be used to know movement of spot at a particular price?

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As I know there is no such a tool in Zerodha.

You can use website to automate the trade with the given conditions to exit when the target price is reached but u need knowledge to create such an Algo. Tradetron collaborated with Zerodha so that you can able to link ur account with them as well.

You can use application to set price alert notification( not sure you can set sound alert)

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Thank you very much.