Banknifty Option Buying

I want to trade in banknifty options especially below 50 rs LTP scripts. How to trade with high accuracy ? Using only fundamental knowledge, technical analysis gives fake signals.

Trading in banknifty options below 50 rs ltp is like gambling, no fundamental knowledge as such exits for this.

Than how to trade in banknifty with high accuracy ? Please help me…

  1. Learn basics of option trading
  2. Learn diff. strategies to apply according to market mood
  3. Basic Idea of technical, Like support and resistance
  4. Look at Put/Call ratio and OI change
  5. Market Direction.
  6. Hedging

This looks a lot, but trust me it will not take more than 1 week to learn everything.

Use Zerodha’s to learn.

How can option price be at discount or at par

Today time 1.18 pm .

Banknifty underlying @ 35900 . And .
15 july expiry banknifty 35600CE @298 .

How is this possible ?