Banknifty option premium

I have sold 1 banknifty PE with strickprice of 26600 @30. yesterday it is expired worthless. I have not squared off that position . Today my profit loss statement shows it buyed back @62.60 how is that possible.

Am i in loss?
LTP Price on 3:29pm is 0.05

Please help

Are you sure it is 26600 PE?? Please upload the screenshot.

Here is screenshot from backoffice

I couldnt ascertain the date when you have placed the buy order. If you have not squared off then this should be some technical glitches. Please contact @nithin and team zerodha

This is tradebook report screenshot.
I m not squared off position so it is not showing buyback in tradebook

It is technical issue . I also face this type of issue on Wednesday. Bought 11000 put at 21 ave but showing 50 rs avg price . though I am in profit showing huge loss. I called zerodha for this issue it resolve then… So many bugs :wink:

You have shorted 18th jan expiring weekly option, not the monthly option that expired on 25th Jan. On 18th Jan, Banknifty closed at 26537.4. Everything seems alright.

No contract is expired on 25th january cause i purchased it on 23 january see the screenshot

hmm… you will have to write to [email protected] for account specific queries.