BankNifty Options- should i exit on expiry day

If i am holding any option, should i exit on expiry day or ignore it for automatically exit on expiry day end and How rollver works

Spot 24959


If you have bought in the money option, then it is better to exit during expiry day or anytime when your target is achieved.

Because STT for banknifty is quite high around 32 points approximately.

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normally what will happen if we dont close our positions on expiry day

Normally, you will get banknifty - 24900 - brokerage - tax if you don’t exit the 24900CE before expiry.

If banknifty close less than 24900 on expiry day, you will not receive any amount

If banknifty closes at 25000 on expiry day, you will get 2000 per lot - brokerage - tax. If you don’t exit, tax will be around 16 rupees per lot.

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If in profit - exit

If option is worthless and 0.05 - ignore

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