Banned stocks fr intraday

Hi cn someone please clarify

  1. Do i need to chk banned list of stocks fr intraday daily before taking a trade or an error msg wud come if i buy or sell in mis ? So i dnt get stuck in a stock which is banned by zerodha fr intrady ( in cash ) .

  2. If error comes, thn cn i take trade using delivery option n sell same day so it shld be considered an intrady trade ?

If any stock isn’t allowed for trading in MIS, the system will not allow you to do so and give an error.

You can do this, but if the stock is in Trade-To-Trade segment then you will be able to sell the stock only after T+2 days when it is credited to your Demat account.

Also, you can check this list to know which stocks are allowed for MIS and which are in Trade-To-Trade segment etc.

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@ShubhS9 is the excel link can be referred or this url can be referred for intraday stock availability to trade
Excel link

for e,g in excel idea is allowed in MIS but when i check in url idea is not available

please clarify

Nt coming in margin calc. as there’s no leverage offered on idea … nt sure though

if scrip is banned then you wont be able to take position let alone getting stuck