Barcket order margin below limit

what will happen if bracket order sl doesnt hit and margin came in negative…example if i place order with 15k capital in future with bracket order.and big move came and m2m became -15 k…then what would happen

Your Order will get Auto Square off when It will start going -15k MTM.
Before that you will Quickly get a mail like this.

“Your Margin utilization has reached 181.72% of your available balance Please add funds to your trading account avoid square off of your position. To add funds please go to

If you will add more funds it will not get auto square off.
But If you will not add funds and the loss is increasing it will get Auto Square off.
Your positions will close in Loss.

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i dont have problem with my 15k…what will be my most possible loss is it more than 15k
and also if my bracket order cannt get the exit…then how quikly broker can exit my position

If everything is perfect and there will be not any technical Error you will not lose more than the 30k (I am saying this from my past experience ) on 200% margin.
But If there will be any Technical error your loss can be unlimited.

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If everything is normal as soon as they received your mail & call ( if Normal day)

what is provision for recover that extra loss which dosnt have in my account by broker from me

Let me handover this answer to expert Admin @Bhuvan & @BharatW

you have to pay the broker if you are not using the stop loss and broker is not responsible if there are sudden movement due market orders.

it depends on the execution of the orders in the stock exchange.

I think you should not worry about it.

This type of special case happen rarely due to the improvement of the trading terminals.

i use only bracket order so thier is no chance to say i didnt use stoploss…only fear is where it will be stop.either by my broker or it self

As I said it will get Auto Square off. When it will cross the margin Limit.

i am just asking because of what happen 25th in bank stock …

to clearing your doubt i want to give an example,

suppose you are buying future lots @10000 whose value is 300000

After some negative news the future price get down to 250000

Now you are losing 50000.

But You have only 10000 in your account.

In this case when price will start move down from +15000 to +1000

Zerodha team will contact you instantly.

If you add money at that time then there will be no problem

if are not able to add money then will Squre off it before it is going to reach to zero.

if you any portfolio holding then they will your future to go -50000

After reaching -50000 they will ask you to deposit -50000 or sell the stocks from your portfolio worh 50000.

plz tell me what happen in this scenario
sbi future bought at 311 …it take 16,794rs bracket order margin.
i put 3 rs stoploss…sudden moves came and it became 301 now sl got hit…i have just 25k in my ac

You will lose Rs.9000/- as you said Stop-loss Triggered.

stoploss got triggered at 301
so it will be 30k loss
it may possible

how much time it can happen?

You said Rs.3/- Stop-loss.
So, your Stop-loss is at 308.

is their any chane to skip that stoploss and price make gap down

i am in always in fear that what happen if market stoploss is not got hitt around where i put it…
what whould be chances to happen it?
and is it topic to worry about

SBI is very Volatile nowadays.
You can easily see in Depth of Market that at every 0.05 paisa their is a seller and buyer.
If its a volatility day it will not skip.

Yes, it can skip if the Stop-loss order will not reach to the exchange ( due to technical Error) than Yes it can be skip.