Base and Ferrous Metals - Opportunities for this decade

Let’s use this thread to track and follow opportunities in Base Metals and its stocks.


  • On a day when whole global markets are bleeding, Its interesting to note that aluminium stocks are zooming and outperforming massively. Something’s Cooking for sure. Let’s dig deep to find out whether there is any potential theme playing out in aluminium in the medium term.
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Just got this from the below post. If there is supply disruption in Russia, India will be able to export aluminum globally and all the aluminum producers may get a big advantage. Can be advantageous.

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I am invested in NALCO, decent dividend payouts.

Alufluoride Ltd is the only other name I know in small cap space which deals with aluminium products

Other small caps in this space if we have any…need to be tracked too… looks like there is huge potential for sure in the long run

Cool outperformance. I guess this may just be the beginning of such move If geopolitics continue to be the main theme for markets.

Metal or commodity-based mutual funds can also play a good role here for the short term.

Are you not aware there is a war going on.

Does war automatically mean all metals should start booming?

Im aware sir :slight_smile: Just that it doesnt ensure an opportunity for the whole decade :slight_smile: something else has to add up too… and that’s what we are trying to figure out

Well , yes.

so your timeframe is 10 years?

Any evidence to back up the claim?

Yeah. This thread is to find the theme in metals for longer time frame…looking at fundamental prospects and use cases for metals like Aluminium

This is just today.

if you see Friday, Crude and natural gas went up nearly 10%.

I was looking for evidence from the past.

That’s homework for you.

I have too, a long-term portfolio holding.

Nifty Metal at ATHs and Aluminium stocks zoomed somewhere btwn 10-20% in less than a week

Worked well in the short run…Not entirely sure about the long term but overall looking good for medium to long run as well.

Will try to get more conviction with additional research.

Price of metals spiking up is great for the company and stock price but not great for the consumers or manufactures.
There are manufacturing companies who are deferring from doing Capex because the Copper cost has gone up double since pre pandemic.

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What in the world is happening? Nickel is up 72% today and is still moving higher.

Using the word shocking will be an understatement.

Update : Up 80% now

Historic stuff