Basically how can i get history trading data about company from zerodha pi

Things like last 20 days traded volume of company, all open, close, low and high

I have 2 problems answering your question:

Firstly: This forum isn’t for you to ask questions about Zerodha

Secondly: I don’t understand you question

I think through scanner option.


I think this question is related to this forum as he is looking for data for trading. Whatever be the source.

I want regular intraday data of last week or month for my research. Can Pi provide me with data in excel file or any other format which can be converted to excel.

Basically if i am behind schedule and want to feed the intraday data of last week to my excel model, how can i get the price and volume information on stocks and on some indices.

Hello Trader,

Yes. You CAN.

Open a 1 day candle chart for the company you need.

On Pi, Go to CHART MENU on the toolbar and select EXPORT TO EXCEL.

Here is a google drive link to Nifty 200 stocks 1 minute data from 2011 to 2018